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Granola for those who care

Made by people. Not machines. 

What makes this granola so special? Besides the incredibly nutty flavor from whole food ingredients, we add the ancient grain teff. And to take it one step further, we bake Teffola small batch style because fresh food tastes better and is better for you. 

It’s that simple. 

Teff + Granola = Teffola

Teff isn’t just our star ingredient. We grow the tiny grain on our 7th generation farm in southern Michigan and mix it with high quality vegan ingredients to make a flavorful granola. Read more of our story here.

Fueling our community

We support our local community. For us that means purchasing our ingredients from small suppliers in Michigan. They keep us going and we feel a responsibility to do the same.

Made by people

Fresh food tastes better and is better for you. It's that simple. Each batch of Teffola is handcrafted by our small but mighty team. Megan keeps up with the details and Shirley feeds us bagels!


Our family farm is pivoting from corn and soybeans to alternative grains and seeds. The farming landscape is changing. And so are we. Learn more here

While we've always had the Original Teffola blend (that's what we started out with almost three years ago!), we've got a special flavor just for the Michigan Lavender Festival! Our new flavor, Berry Burst, has strawberry, lemon, lavender and poppy seed - we think you're going to love it! Check out more of  the description below. 

There are a limited amount of Berry Burst available and once it's sold out, it's gone. So hurry and get yours! 

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Our farm is pivoting from corn and soybeans to alternative grains and seeds - you don't hear that too often in the agriculture world! In our blog, you'll find a deeper look into how we're doing that, the facility we're building and some funny stories from the beginning of Teffola and how we're growing this company day by day. 
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