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What's the deal with millets?

Did you know it’s the International Year of the Millets? There’s lots to know about millet and I’ve been to a handful of webinars and am here to distill a bunch of information into hopefully a helpful quick read for you.

Modern day uses

  • Millets are a staple food ingredients in Indian and Asian cultures. Dishes like roti (millet flatbread), tehri (spiced veggies with millet), and congee (porridge with add ins) use millet
  • The flour can be used in gluten free baking - spectacular food genius Bojon Gourmet came out with a cookbook celebrating gluten free baking using all sorts of alternative grain and seed flours
  • Brands are using millets in food products! Like Teffola, Snacktivist, & Big Green pasta or find the whole grain millet to cook it like rice


  • Millet was first domesticated (meaning planted on purpose for harvest) in China some 10,000 years ago. Also evidence that it was grown in Vietnam but it grew wild in Africa 
  • Gained “popularity” in those prehistoric times because it had a quick growing season of just 70 days so nomadic tribes could plant and harvest a source of food before moving on

Basic Info

  • Millet is a general term for a large group of grains some of which are: sorghum, teff, proso, foxtail, pearl, finger, barnyard and browntop
  • Naturally gluten free and non GMO. Some millet varieties are being crossbred to bring certain traits together. These are called hybrids and aren’t considered genetically modified. 
  • Nutritionally, millets are known for their high levels of fiber, antioxidants and iron

Curious about millets and want to learn more? The North American Millet Association is celebrating this year with webinars and resources! Sign up for the webinars here! Theme's are:


Millets as ideal crops in a changing climate


Millet processing and food preparation


Millets as tasty grains for your table


Nutrition powerhouse aspects of millets


Millet products in the marketplace


Role of Millets in Shaping the future of food


Economics and community role of millets


Millets for animals


State of Millets in North America 2023, what is the movement up against and what is next?