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Welcome Young & BosSHEs!

We're so happy you're here! We believe there's a special bond that girlboss babes have and we're totally here for it. 

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Get your hands on some Teffola

The amazing founders behind Young&BosSHE love this stuff and we think you will too! Teffola is best enjoyed while dreaming up ways to impress yourself - because you're the only person you need to prove anything to. 

Learn a bit more about how we're changing the farming landscape

Claire, our striving to be graceful founder, grew up in the country (we're talking 30 minutes from town kind of country). Her family's farm had grown corn, wheat and soybeans for the past ~200 years. But once prices started to fall, she and her father decided to take on the risk of embracing change in order to keep the farm going.