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Zingerman's x Teffola Cherry Cacao Granola - Dietitian Point of View

One of our Brand Ambassadors Christina Badaracco, MPH, RD, LDN wrote the article below for us speaking from a dietician's area of expertise about the health benefits of the Cherry Cacao Granola! Read more about getting specialized help from dietitian at the end of the article. And to try it for yourself, go here

Teffola granola is a unique product in the breakfast market. Containing a variety of grains and less sugar and refined oil than most granolas available for purchase, it can be a healthier and more sustainable option to serve to your family. In partnership with Zingerman’s Delicatessen, Teffola recently launched a new flavor, Cherry Cacao, and Teffola’s owners were generous enough to send me a sample. Its variety of wholesome ingredients give it an appealing texture; they also give it a delicious flavor with minimal added sweetener. Consumers can expect the same high standards for taste, quality, and nutrition in Teffola’s latest variety of granola. 

Nutrition Highlights of Teffola Granola

Teff isn’t found very commonly in the US. And yet, it’s an extremely nutrient-dense grain that can be grown in a variety of climates. It contains more protein, manganese, zinc, iron, and many other nutrients than an equivalent serving of rice. Teffola is the only granola on the market made with teff, providing a great way to incorporate this US-grown grain into the diet. 

Another benefit of this granola is that includes three different types of grains. It’s important to eat a variety of grains in our diet to obtain all necessary nutrients that fuel our bodies and our microbiota. While most granolas are made with just oats, Teffola’s granola also includes two ancient grains—teff and buckwheat. Increasing this diversity is also better for the soil, flora, and fauna on and around farmland. These grains, together with the almonds and pecans, provides almost 20% of daily fiber needs for women and more than 10% for men from one serving of Teffola. The cacao and nuts add antioxidants, as well. 

Further, Teffola uses only unrefined oil. Many granolas commonly found in the grocery store—and even in bakeries and farmers markets—contain refined canola oils. Not only is it stripped of beneficial antioxidants, but it has also been refined with chemical solvents that may be harmful to health. Virgin oil is not treated with chemicals or heat, helping to retain antioxidants and preventing formation of trans fats. Further, Teffola uses less oil in its granola, with most of the fat comes from whole nuts (that provide other nutrients like vitamin E, fat, and fiber). 

Teffola contains less sugar than most other granolas on the market. Most Americans are eating too much sugar—especially at breakfast time. The American Heart Association recommends limiting daily added sugar intake to 36 grams for men and 25 grams per day for women; however, the average American consumes more than 70 grams per day, and a quarter of this comes from breakfast. Many other chocolate granolas have more than twice the amount of sugar as this Cherry Cacao granola—with much or all coming from added sugars. One serving of this granola has just four grams total of sugar, enabling it to still be part of a balanced breakfast. 

Fitting Teffola into a Healthy Diet 

There are many ways to incorporate this granola into satisfying, nutritious meals, snacks, and even sweet treats. Here are some ideas: 


  • On top of plain yogurt and fresh berries
  • On top of whole grain porridge with banana
  • With milk of choice
  • On top of a fruit- and vegetable-filled smoothie

Snacks and Meals: 

  • Sprinkled onto a salad topped with fresh fruit and crumbled cheese 
  • On top of a roasted sweet potato or beet with plain yogurt 
  • Mixed with nuts, dried fruit, and seeds (and maybe even chocolate chips) in a trail mix
  • On top of a pumpkin soup


  • Frozen into a yogurt ice pop
  • On top of an apple, berry, or pumpkin crisp 
  • Mixed with melted chocolate and dried fruit in a bark 
  • On top of tart frozen yogurt 
  • On top of roasted pineapple or stone fruit with a dollop of yogurt or vanilla ice cream 
  • Incorporated into a pie crust

Seeking Personalized Advice from a Dietitian 

 If you have more questions about the nutrition quality in foods in your diet or if you’re looking to make positive lifestyle changes, I encourage you to seek a dietitian. We are trained and well-qualified to provide counseling and personalized support for patients and clients of all ages and states of health or disease. Your dietitian will seek to learn more about you, including your lifestyle, preferences, medical history, and more; he/she will then work with you to set realistic, desirable goals and work with you to achieve them over time. You can ask your insurer or primary care doctor for a referral to find someone in-network; you can also search this database from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Dietitians can help educate you about how to buy, prepare, and consume healthier food—including foods lower in sugar and diverse grains—whatever your individual needs may be. 

To learn more about Christina, please visit her website here