Teffola's Definition of Healthy

It’s January which means the deluge of diets, green powders, and gym membership ads are here. Sigh. 

Last month, this blog post went over (very loosely!) what Food Freedom is and why we care about being anti diet. But before we continue to educate and point out some of the things brands can say or do to get your hard earned money, we need to define something. 

It’s important that we share exactly what we mean when we say healthy. For us healthy means anything that helps us do the things we love to do. Honor what is right for your body in this exact moment. The hardest but best part of this is that it’s going to change from day to day and sometimes from one hour to the next! The only rule is to listen to your body. What does it need? How did you feel after your last meal or snack? Did it help you do what you need to do? 

This is what’s true for us. It might not be true for you because there are a million and more ways to live a healthy life. For some that’s strict keto or doing Whole30 6 months of the year and others don’t even notice what’s on their plate because life is chaotic and they just need fuel. But I think for most of us trying to be healthy just means being more mindful of what’s on our plate (or bowls or cup) and enjoying it with gratitude. 

As you scroll past the umpteenth influencer who swears by lemon & hot water or walk past a giant display of protein powder at the grocery store, remember that what works for other people might not be right for you. Personally, I’m just not going to measure my protein/carb/fat intake. I’m literally just doing my best to eat food that’s going to help me continue to grow Teffola. There’s no meal plan, labels, or tracking. I’m learning what I naturally crave and what slows me down and negatively impacts my focus.*

Is this you too? You’ve got things happening big or small that take up a ton of mental energy and the thought of maintaining what someone else says is healthy is just too much. Resist what all those companies or influencers or magazines are saying. You know yourself better than anyone else. So honor what you need to keep doing what you love. 


**notice I didn’t mention specific foods. The “eat like me to look like me” trend doesn’t make any sense. That’s a different blog post we’ll get into.