Sourcing Ancient Grains, Nuts & Seeds | Part 1

I had no idea how difficult sourcing as a company could be when I first started! And to a certain extent, it's not difficult to order lots of almonds and oats...right?

There are many ingredient suppliers out there and usually it's best to get ones as close as possible because then you're paying less for shipping. Then you have to take into account quality, price, certifications and how easy it is to work with them.

Then as a very small and new company, they have to decide if they want to work with us! Sometimes there are applications and references we have to submit.

Then there's all the tracking on the back end - which supplier for which ingredients, lot codes, expiration dates, certifications and documents showing that product is safe and has been tested for toxins, gluten, etc.

Grains are our focus

For Teffola, we work with quite a few suppliers but our big focus and driving force is grains. Teff is grown and cleaned right on our farm. I can go over to the facility and pick up 100 pounds of teff grain very easily.

If you've followed our cleaning and processing facility build progress, you'll know how close we are to sourcing our buckwheat and millet directly from the farm as well. This will significantly reduce cost and complexity of ordering. 3 of our ~25 ingredients will be from our farm.

As far as we know, we're the only brand in the cereal/granola aisle that can say this.

And I look at A LOT of brands.

Learn more about our farm here or try your free sample of Teffola Original here