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Recipe Swap: Earth Made Kitchen - Amanda

Hi! It’s Amanda from Earth Made Kitchen. I’m all about healthy eating and good food. My philosophy is that it’s okay to eat anything, as long as you balance yourself and create a healthy routine. Eating whole foods and cooking at home are other components in keeping healthy everyday.

So how does Teffola fit into my health routine?
I try to incorporate as many whole foods into my diet, and I know Teffola granola is made with 100% natural ingredients. To be honest, I actually haven’t tried it yet because I’m all the way in Toronto. But - I know that when I see whole foods in the ingredients label, I know that’s something that would go into my daily diet.

Granola is a versatile snack that can be eaten on it’s own, or added into a dish. I particularly love smoothie bowls, and I always top my smoothie bowl with some granola. My health routine also includes lots of walking, especially during these summer days. Carrying a delicious and healthy snack like granola fuels my energy and gets me going!

Check our collaboration here, and top your next sundae, smoothie bowl or parfait with some Teffola granola!