Our commitment for 2023…

As the new year approaches we are having fun planning, goal setting and manifesting everything we can possibly dream up for Teffola in 2023. Our brainstorm sessions are filled with crazy ideas, sparks of creativity and tactical discussions. These are the magical beginnings of big things. 

As we plant seeds for our future, we work to stay rooted to our history. Teffola’s original and legal name is Tenera Grains Products. Created to market and sell the ancient grains grown on our family farm (also named Tenera Grains). In 2023 we will reintroduce Tenera Grains Products to you as our business grows beyond Teffola (aka Teff Granola). Teffola will remain our signature product line and hold a very special place in our hearts, but our vision takes us into new territory

Over the years we have made promises to you. We have kept our granola free of additives and fillers. For our “free from” consumers we got certified gluten free. We worked with Tenera Grains (the farm) to build an advanced processing facility, to haul & clean our unique ancient grains to meet the standard you deserve. From the beginning we knew regenerative farm practices were best, and we have continued to expand our knowledge and expertise in this area. In 2023 we will strive to source our other ingredients directly from farmers who are also using the regenerative practices. Because, our products should be good for you AND good for the planet. 

Big change doesn’t happen overnight (which we often need to remind ourselves) and it doesn't happen without doing things differently! This means we often find ourselves tackling a lot of firsts. Our biggest learning curve this year was finding and acquiring investors. We pitched over 65 investors in 2022 (an average of more than one a week). This means we faced a lot of rejection (in addition to the 14 rejected bank loans). These moments can feel  defeating. Yet we walked away from each pitch learning something new and worked to turn feedback into future opportunities. In 2023 we will continue in our mission to find investors, while we (most-likely) won’t turn down anyone that sees our vision and is willing to invest in us, we would LOVE to partner with more women! 

Our commitment for 2023 is to leave things better than we found them. To inspire healthier habits and revolutionary global change (one seed at a time). To accomplish this, here are a few other things we plan to do:

  • Reactivate “Bowls for the Brave” 
  • Relaunch our brand ambassador program
  • Expand both our audience and our offerings 
  • Use our expertise to educate others on ancient grains & regenerative agriculture
  • Publish an annual environmental impact report - Set benchmarks for improvement 

Sharing is both vulnerable & empowering. We share our experiences (struggles & celebrations) in hopes of helping others along their journey. And we share our dreams to bring them one step closer to reality. In 2023 we will continue to share our progress through old & new (**TEASER**) platforms led by our fearless founder Claire Smith. By supporting & sharing brands that align with your values, you become part of this change!