Flavor Inspiration: Chocolate Charm

If you’ve followed along with Teffola’s journey, you may remember a product in the fall of 2019 called Teffola Squares. These were our take on granola bars and while they didn’t totally work out, they taught us a lot! Mostly that people absolutely loved the vegan dark chocolate and coconut flavor. While we ended up discontinuing that line, we did listen to the people and turned the chocolate coconut Teffola Square into a delicious granola!

Chocolate Charm has all the ingredients that we used in the Teffola Square because we truly loved the flavor. Our chocolate only has three ingredients: cocoa powder, sugar and cocoa butter. We wanted a true dark chocolate flavor to come through without all the additives or lecithins. As a result, the drizzle is a creamy (without cream!) rich chocolate indulgence.

Other newer ingredients are flaxseed, cashew and vanilla but the big flavors are coconut, chocolate and hint of salt which truly elevates the entire granola. Originally, we didn’t add salt and while it was good, the flavor didn’t jump out at me and scream “this is it!”. I was talking with a colleague in the food world about how I was stumped on this flavor and without knowing what the flavor combination was, she recommended salt. We tested a batch with it and were totally hooked! We use Pink Himalayan salt due to all of it’s excellent extra minerals.

We are so excited that Chocolate Charm and Berry Burst are out in the world now. Feedback has been overwhelming and we can’t wait to deliver more of this goodness in the future! Order some today or find it at a store near you and let us know what you think.