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Flavor Inspiration: Berry Burst

We can’t believe the day is finally here! We’ve been working for months on the new flavors launch and are so excited to release it into the world and hear what you think.

The inspiration behind this flavor really came from a vision of that perfect summer picnic in a meadow surrounded by flowers. I wanted to capture that feeling of daydreaming in the sun and digging into a lemon sponge cake with berry compote and whipped cream but in a delicious granola. Not an easy task! This flavor took us much longer to nail down the recipe (easily 10 different trials before we landed on the winner) but it wasn’t too bad trying all the test batches ;)

What most surprised me was how flavors can really complement each other in a unique way. While lavender may seem like an odd choice, the subtle floral notes lift the strawberry to give a bright and light flavor. It’s not overpoweringly in the least. The lemon accents the slight tartness of the berry as well so it’s not too sweet. Our base ingredients include oats, teff and coconut which you’ll be familiar with in the original flavor. But we have some new ingredients to introduce!

Millet and cashew, also found in the Chocolate Charm, have found their home in Berry Burst. You’ll see millet in the whole grain form as well as puffed. The flavor of millet isn’t as nutty as buckwheat but is lighter and, dare I say, almost buttery because it’s so smooth and creamy. It blends perfectly with the cashews and coconut.

Try Berry Burst today and let us know what you think!