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   Brand Ambassador

Portal Page

✨Hey hi hello and welcome! ✨

Claire here, founder of Teffola and fellow constant dreamer. I'm so grateful you're here and want to be a part of the Teffola community. We're newbies at this and want to build something that is helpful and beneficial for you and helps us spread the Teffola mission of creating more joy! If you think of something that we're missing, or are just too overloaded with information or want more or something - send it to Belle (belle[at]

On to what this page even is...consider it your go to page for everything you need to know about being a brand ambassador. See what other ambassadors are doing, get ideas and check out some BTS and sneak peeks of those new flavors we've been working on. 

We know this is a community full of amazing humans and we want to see that creativity shine! So so excited you're here and truly can't say that enough. We're building this from nothing and I'm so glad you're part of the Beta Brand Ambassador Program (are we calling it bee-bap yet? ;) ). 

Stay Bold,

#TeffolaBoldAndBrave  #TeffolaAmbassador #TeffolaTogether  


teff-OHHH-la (rhymes with granola!)

Upcoming Events:

just a sneak peek on one of the NEW FLAVORS that launch in September! We're positively BURSTING with excitement and think you'll be CHARMED by them (okay very terrible puns but those are some hints).

- Fitness classes 💪🏼

- Visit headquarters

-  Build your own Teffola bowl 🥣 

- And much more to come!


P.S. We can't wait to meet up with you once all this craziness is over 


Teffola Ambassador Do's👍🏼

  • Get super creative with Teffola photos! You aren't limited to just yogurt and smoothie bowls. 
  • We highly recommend doing what brings you tons of joy - Claire loves her car and driving - the photos of her in Argo with Teffola are some of the most well liked pictures on Instagram! More examples below :)

Teffola Ambassador Don'ts👎🏼

  • Please do not take photos of Teffola that you would feel uncomfortable showing Claire's rather proper, Canadian grandmother who loves the royal family eg maybe don't take Teffola to the bar and do shots

Creative Inspiration

This is ⭐️Belle⭐️! Our Marketing Intern and point person for all things Brand Ambassador. She loves paddleboarding and this is her on evening paddle with Teffola and you can tell she's so happy <3 

One time, we overcooked Teffola but I didn't want it to go to waste. So I put it in my food processor with some extra coconut oil and maple syrup and pressed it into a mini tart pan! Mousse is from 🔥Oh She Glows 🔥(vegan and DELICIOUS)

This is Claire's favorite way to eat Teffola because she's always on the go🪂! Honeycrisp Apple, almond butter and chunky parts of Teffola - so good for a filling and nutritious snack.

Last But Not Least...