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ISO: Green Juice & French Fry Enthusiasts!

The title of this post will make sense I promise! 

Things have been a little quieter on the Teffola side because I've been working on what we're really about. What's our brand ideology? What do we believe to be true? 

At first the answers appear to be grains, healthy food, teff, family farms, granola. Those definitely contribute a huge part to what we're about but that doesn't really give you an idea about what we believe. And it's taken weeks to narrow down what's felt like the missing piece of our brand identity.

I haven't been able to find a community of people or an approach to eating that encourages me to see food as a way to do the things I love. There's so much messaging around going all in on something or don't do it at all. The Keto, paleo, Whole30 diets and even plant based vegans in some instances are so intent on cutting things out and rules and counting or calorie restriction or "the celery juice has to be made within 20 min or it doesn't count. also you can't add lemon or it takes all the nutritional value out of it". It's so overwhelming. Are health food companies improving customers mental health or feeding the damaging patterns of disordered thoughts?

What if instead of trying to find the "cleanest" label or absolutely best nutrition facts ever we approach food with a mentality of "this will help me do the things I love"? If eating a green juice a couple mornings a week helps you keep up with your kids - do it! If going out for expensive deep dish pizza with friends is your favorite way to bond - go. I love that journey for you. What happens when you're intentional and mindful about what's on your plate instead of analyzing the macros or supposed good or badness of it?

I'd argue the mental tongue lashing we give ourselves over eating a large fry from McDonalds is more damaging than the fast food itself. 

Loosely, this approach is called Food Freedom. For me that means no longer feeling anything but gratitude for the things on my plate or in my bowl. And that's what we believe and what we'll stand by going forward. Eat what's right for YOU. 

Here are some instagram accounts (nutritionists etc) that I've found who support this @bellalargin.rdn, @jessijeannn and @food.freedom.newbies

I'll be over here sipping a green juice and munching on fries. Have thoughts? Share them with me: